Rare Earth Metals

Rare Earth Chemicals



1. Non-Ferrous Metals

Titanium Powder Grade 1,Ti≥99.50%.
Titanium Powder Grade 2,Ti≥99.46%
Titanium Powder Grade 3,Ti≥99.34%
Titanium Powder Grade 4,Ti≥98.00%
Titanium Sponge Grade 0,Ti≥99.7%
Titanium Sponge Grade 1,Ti≥99.6%

Molybdenum Powder, Mo≥99.50%

Nickel Powder: Ni+Co:99.50%Min.
Cobalt Powder: Co:99.30%Min.
Cobalt Oxide Powder: Co:70%Min.
Magnesium Metal: Mg:99.90%Min.
Bismuth Metal: Bi: 99.99%Min.
Calcium Metal: Ca:98.50%Min.
Indium Ingot: In:99.99%Min.
Cerium Oxide: CeO2: 99~99.99%Min.
Yttrium metal: Y:99%,99.9%Min.
Yttrium Oxide: Y2O3:99.99%Min

2. Carbide Materials, Chromium Carbide, Chromium Boride, Tungsten Carbide Powder(cast), Tungsten Carbide Powder(Spherical), Tungsten Carbide Powder(macrocrystalline), Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Powder(Co 12, 17), Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Chrome Powder(Co 10, Cr 4), Tungsten Carbide Tips, Tungsten Carbide Buttons, Vanadium Carbide

3. Rock Drills, Drill Bits and Spare Parts

B87C, B67C, B37A, Paving Breakers and Parts.
YT27, Y26, Y19, Hand-held Rock Drills and Parts.
Hydraulic Rock Drills and Spare Parts of different models.
Rock Drill Bits, dia. 1 1/4"-6", H,R,T Threads

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